Perfect Link Pokémon

Warlords can partner with many Pokémon, but each Warlord can form a 100% bond with only a few Pokémon. Such Pokémon are called "Perfect Link Pokémon!"

Discover for yourself how to find your Perfect Link Pokémon!

A Warlord can sense when he or she finds a Perfect Link Pokémon.

Perfect Link Pokémon can achieve a 100% link with its Warlord.

Perfect Link Pokémon will always be right beside their Warlords!

Cool and calm Mitsuhide with his Ice- and Flying-type Articuno, the hearty Shingen with his strong Groudon, and the intelligent Kenshin with his Mewtwo—Perfect Link Pokémon reflect the character of their Warlords.

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