Pokémon and Warlords Evolve!

Pokémon Evolution

As the battles build up Pokémon evolve and power up! All Pokémon evolve in the same order as in the Pokémon video games.

Eevee evolves into a variety of Pokémon.

There is more than one way to evolve a Pokémon...

  1. Pikachu

  2. Raichu

  1. Zorua

  2. Zoroark

Just like the well-known evolution from Pikachu to Raichu, Zorua evolves to Zoroark, Gible to Gabite, and Gabite to Garchomp.

Warlord Evolution

Featured Warlords also evolve. Check out some of the Warlord evolutions!

When a Warrior changes appearance, it is said that he or she evolves.




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