6 vs 6 Field Battle System

During battles, up to six Warriors can compete with one Pokémon each. The player has to consider which Pokémon to choose based on their type or specialty. If an Army meets the victory conditions, such as defeating all of the opponent's Pokémon, the winner gains the opponent's Castle!

Battle with Pokémon!

When a battle begins, victory conditions such as defeating all of the opponent's Pokémon or taking all the flags is displayed. Warlords from your Army and the enemy Army call their Pokémon and take turns making moves. The first Army to meet the victory conditions wins!

A Warlord's Pokémon are arranged into groups.

Victory conditions differ depending on the location of the battle.

New Battles with Familiar Traits!

When it's your turn, you can move a Pokémon, use a Pokémon's skill, use a Warlord Skill, or use a tool. When you've moved all your Pokémon, your turn ends and the opponent gets to move.

Some Pokémon can move farther than others in a turn. Flying Pokémon can fly over obstacles!

Attacks are made using moves. The amount of damage can vary greatly depending on the moves and the opposing Pokémon type.

You can give Warlords many different items to use. There are many varieties of items, such as potions.

Look for money or items in Treasure Boxes, which appear on the battlefield or are dropped by defeated Pokémon.

Warlords Battle, Too!

Each Warlord has one Warlord Skill, which can have a wide range of effects to aid you in battle.

For example, one Warlord Skill helps Pokémon move further for a short time.

Watch Out for Enemy attacks!

You have to prepare to defend when it's your opponent's turn! For example, you might put your Pokémon in strategic positions to prevent your opponent from capturing a flag.

If you're within an enemy Pokémon's movement range you could be attacked on the next turn!

Range differs depending on the skill. The movement range plus the skill range gives the range of possible attack.

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