How to Play

Pokémon Conquest combines simplicity with depth, making it fun for everyone, from people who've never played a simulation game before to fans of the original NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION. Here's how it works!

Basic Flow

Select a Kingdom to Invade!

Select a Kingdom from the map screen or the Ransei Map. Not only can you challenge other Kingdoms, they can attack you, too. If you gain control of a new Kingdom, distribute its Warriors among your controlled locales.

Be Victorious in Battle!

Pokémon Conquest features Pokémon battles in a new format for Pokémon games. Each side participates with a maximum of 6 vs 6 Pokémon. Warriors use Warrior Powers to support their Pokémon. The winner of the battle claims the Kingdom for his or her own! Skill types and Pokémon movement ranges are key strategies.

Prepare for the Next Battle!

When you win a battle, the Link between the Pokémon and the Warrior grows, giving you an advantage in future battles. You can also use your own Armies to partner with new Pokémon and scout for additional Warriors.

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