Battle Preparation

Befriend new Pokémon and Warlords, deepen your links with Pokémon, and increase your Army's strength prior to battle. Each Warlord can act once per in-game month, and once every Warlord in your army has acted, the month is over. The more Warlords you recruit, the more strategic options you have, such as distributing them amongst your Castles!

Select a Kingdom from the map and decide on an action for that month. You can also review information about enemy Kingdoms.

Your turn ends when all of your Warlords have acted. When your opponent's turn ends, you'll advance to the next month.

Strengthen Your Armies!

Wild Pokémon and free Warriors can be found places such as fields or caves. If you defeat these warriors in battle you'll be able to scout. Linking with wild Pokémon lets you add them as a new partner!

You can Link with a Pokémon by hitting a button in time with the pulsing light.

You can have a Warrior scout by demonstrating your power in battle and gaining their admiration.

Power Up Your Pokémon!

To win battles you have to train your Pokémon. By entering battles and taking other actions with your Pokémon, the Link between the Pokémon and the Warlord steadily grows and you become stronger. You can also feed Ponigiri to your Pokémon to increase Energy, which you can use to increase the Pokémon's stats.
Warlords are more effective when given items to use. Items can be purchased from merchants or obtained in battles. There are several types of items, including ones that recover a Pokémon or ones that have an effect when equipped!

Eating Ponigiri increases a Pokémon's Energy!

Items can be purchased in shops. Warlords can only carry one item at a time.


Challenge adjacent Kingdoms to battle by advancing towards them. If you win the battle, you gain your opponent's castle! Enemy armies may also challenge you, too.

Choose "Battle" to challenge an adjacent Kingdom.

If there is another adjacent Kingdom under your control, you can combine forces against an opposing Kingdom.

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