Pokémon Conquest Characters

Pokémon and Warlords!

All Warlords have a Pokémon partner. The bond that exists between a Pokémon and a Warrior is called a Link, and the higher the Link the more combined power they wield. Links have a limit depending on the compatibility of the Pokémon and Warlord. Finding the "Perfect Link" Pokémon, with a 100% Link, is one goal of a Warlord!

What is a Warlord Leader?

Warlords are led by Warlord Leaders. They are Warlords of great strength. The player starts the game as the Warlord Leader of the Primus Kingdom!


These are just some of the celebrated Warlords of Ransei. Their encounters will determine the course of this struggle! Prepare yourself to meet the Warlords!

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