Warriors' Tales!

After completing the first episode, you will have the chance to control one of more than 30 Warriors and play through an adventure specific to that character. Take a look at a few of these exciting adventures!

Mitsunari's Episode

Mitsunari, Kiyomasa, and Masanori are always together and work as a team. But a trivial argument causes the triplet to split up and prepare for battle against each other!

Mitsuhide's Episode

Mitsuhide has fought countless furious battles as Nobunaga's aide. But he begins to doubt the purpose of the endless conflicts. Who will confront Mitsuhide to remind him of his role in protecting people and Pokémon everywhere?

Gracia's Episode

Gracia is the well-brought-up beloved daughter of Mitsuhide. But for some reason she sets out to unite Ransei without her father's help. How will this perilous adventure end for the joy-filled Gracia?

Kanbei's Episode

Hanbei and Kanbei are Hideyoshi's right-hand men. But when their master Hideyoshi suddenly disappears, the two of them must jump into action!

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